Introducing Life, by UniServity.

Lifeby UniServity, combines the best technologies with UniServity’s world class learning platform to lift learning safely into the clouds. Read on to find out more…

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Launching at BETT 2011!

Leading the way in next generation learning technologies, the Life learning cloud is the mostly hotly anticipated launch of BETT 2011.

Bringing together the latest in cloud based thinking, this is an online learning solution that has been shaped by learners and teachers, and driven by innovation.

Read on to find out more about Life, by UniServity.

The most talked about release at BETT 2011!

UniServity have been working in partnership with schools using the UniServity cLc learning platform for 10 years. During this time we have learned a great deal about the nature, style, stages and aspirations of users; ranging from children, through to teachers, leaders, parents and the wider school community.

This learning curve has enabled UniServity to understand how best to support schools in beginning their learning journey towards learning platform adoption, progressing through to embedded practice of using the learning platform to support and extend learning.

There are some schools who find this experience an easy one, and who see the opportunities for creativity and innovation easily. These schools tend to begin their learning platform usage quickly, focusing on the students, and who extend gradually to involve the rest of the school and the school community over time.  This is where our ‘mantra’ of “Start Small, Think Big” comes from.

For other schools, the experience is a more challenging one, and many schools find the thought of changing pedagogical practice a scary one, and the thought of using ICT often equally (if not more) scary. All of these fears can sometimes prevent teachers and leaders from even wanting to try using the learning platform.

So, to make the learning platform simpler to use, easier to understand and more exciting to experience, we have made some very significant changes to the technology behind it. This, hopefully, will inspire and encourage those that are fearful of beginning to explore the benefits available to them. These new developments will also certainly ensure that teachers, leaders and learners are all able to benefit from the latest technological innovations, and are able to bring the benefits of the global technology sector into every classroom and to every learner.

Because of this evolution, the morphing of the cLc learning platform into something more exciting, something more reflective of how we live our wider lives, is what we’re calling this “Life”. This means that all learners will be able to benefit from Life@School, on handheld devices, laptops, interactive whiteboards – in fact anywhere, and on anything, that you can get an internet connection on! It also means that teachers-as-learners will be able to benefit form Life@Work, and that the families supporting learners will be able to benefit from Life@Home. Most importantly of all, the learner at the centre, benefits from MyLife.

Life, reflects the learning that takes place every day, wherever you are; and importantly, whomever you are with. Life’s unique technology combines a vast range of Learning Cells (Webparts) which make up the range of different iterations of Life; Life@School, Life@Home, and MyLife.

“Why should……. where I live, which school I attend, where I work,

who I know, where I am, or what I can afford,

define the boundaries of my learning,

and therefore my chances in life?”


Life, is about Learning.

Life Labs: Why Teachers are so excited

The Life Teacher Design Group came together for an exciting day shaping features for Life. There’s been a buzz ever since; mainly on Twitter, so have a look by visiting #LifeIsAboutLearning

You can also use Twitter to keep up to date with some exciting announcements and join us in celebrating the Fabulous learning achievements taking place in schools around the world who learn in partnership with  #UniServity

Our favourite quote of the day from one of our fabulous Teacher Design Group members; “I’m so excited about everything to do with Life, because Life really IS about Learning”.

In Life, everyone is a Learner

In Life, everyone is a Learner.

“Why should where I live, which school I attend, where I work, who I know, where I am, or what I can afford,

define the boundaries of my learning, and therefore my chances in life?”

Whether you’re a child learning in school, a teacher learning through CPD, a parent learning through a community, or an employee learning through the workplace, Life makes learning possible. Here’s an advance sneak-preview of a couple of the features we’re most excited about…

Life Learning Exchange: enables all those using the Life learning cloud to freely share resources, connect together to form learning relationships, and join collaborative learning projects. Building on the best ideas from App Stores, Social Networking and eCommerce, this provides a quick and easy way to share, borrow, recycle or acquire resources, projects, courses, learning spaces and connections with other people or materials & content for learning.

Semantic Learning Engine: encouraging all those using the Life learning cloud to explore specific resources, content, activities, people, spaces, places and projects. Intelligently identified, Life suggests what is most suitable and relevant for the user’s specific needs and interests. The Semantic Learning Engine presents the intelligent search results simply as ‘You might like…’ in any (or every!) learning space.

Life Learning Analytics: enabling all those using the Life learning cloud to use resources more purposefully, in line with existing learning targets, goals, objectives, curriculum, levels and syllabuses. Life learning analytics provides intelligent reporting to inform and extend formative and summative Assessment for Learning principles.

Our Global Life Community already has millions of learners and millions of people who facilitate and support learning within it. This is what really makes Life special; wherever you are, wherever you live, whoever you go to school with or work with, Life provides opportunities for learning. Life opens the doors, you choose which you go through. If you’d like to find out more about the extensive Global Community that will be part of Life, have a look at our Innovative Teacher Network.

Watch this space for more sneak-previews from Life Labs!

Something different @ Life Labs – coming soon

Hi All,

Over the next few months we are opening up lifelabs @ UniServity so you can get a behind the scenes look at product development and concepts in the run up to Bett 2011.  Watch or for more information.  Follow @mbclarke and @lifeisabout on Twitter.

Matt Clarke

CTO UniServity


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