What is Life?

Life’s next generation technology builds on the latest cloud based thinking. The Life learning cloud is a globally hosted learning infrastructure, managed by us on your behalf, eliminating the need to install or host any technology within a school or local authority. The Life learning cloud connects you with our gloabal learning community and gives you access to a host of content and functinoality provided by our partners, suppliers, leading educationalists, schools and learners. The Life learning cloud provides choice and openness, allowing you to tailor the look, feel, functionality and content to your needs.


Life’s unique technology combines Learning Cells and Learning Apps. Each of these can be customised and combined within the Life cloud to meet teacher, school or student requirements. Combinations of our Learning Cells and Learning Apps make up each of the flavours of the product including Life@School, Life@Home and My Life.


Today’s learners expect technology to make a difference to their learning in the same way it makes a difference to their social lives. To receive information that exactly matches their needs and helps them to achieve their goals and to interact with people anywhere, anytime, about shared interests. Life, by UniServity, enables learners to:

  • make choices about when, where, how, why, and with whom they learn
  • access information about their own learning so that they can make informed choices
  • discover learning resources, learning partners, and learning tools
  • be free from the boundaries of buildings, timetables and peers

Life is about making choices

Life is about discovering new things

Life is about communicating with people

Life is about being empowered to achieve our goals

Help Shape the evolution of Life

Why be constrained to just our technology? If you are a Microsoft Sharepoint user then you can combine our Learning Cells and Learning Apps within each of these products. If you are a technology partner or a school then why not talk to us about our SDK to develop your own Learning Cells and Learning Apps?

Our aim is choice, openness and flexibility.

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