When is Life Coming?

Life is in development and we were delighted to release the Beta for user testing  in September 2010. We will be launching the product itself at BETT 2011 (www.bettshow.com). Join us on stand E125 to find out more!

Follow this blog, and join the conversation to find out about the latest developments and be the first to hear about the ways in which innovative new technologies are opening up new doors for learning!

You will shortly see this space evolve from a conversation into a fuller webspace showing the very latest about Life.

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  1. Dear Fiona,

    I am employed for two days a week, until July 2010 by Service Children’s Education in Germany, to help the primary schools in Hohne Garrison to implement their connected learning communities.

    With twenty five years’ experience in technology based learning, I am a passionate supporter of these communities and I am very keen to learn about the next generation of Uniservity’s learning platform.

    Who knows? I might be able to make some valuable suggestions; for example, about the inclusion of more voting facitilites, more emphasis on resource tagging and the problems that busy class teachers experience when they try to use the current cLc for the first time.

    Please feel free to take a good look around one of my school’s websites: http://www.montgomery-school.me.

    With warm regards,



  2. Posted by Tom Moseley on June 30, 2010 at 10:32 pm


    I work with a number of schools in our cluster helping them adopt their vle and start using it, as well as teaching the pupils what they can do. From what i can see this new product “life” would solve a lot of complaints i get. I would be very interested in using the beta vle. When will this be available? And what process do we have to go through to get this?



  3. Is the release date of Life still on track?
    My school is about to roll out Uniservity to staff and pupils (it is currently just serving as a website) and I would like to know if it’s worth training my staff and pupils to use the current interface. If the release date is still September 2010 then I would prefer to just wait.


    • Yes – the release dates are still on track, and the team are making great progress. Life continues to be very exciting and we hope to have some more comprehensives Demonstrations ready for the new term.

      The September release is for Live Testing, with Migration Testing (where your current cLc learning platform migrates over to Life, bringing content, structure & users) in the Spring, and the Full release next Summer. We would advise therefore you do continue to use your cLc learning platform, rather than wait for the Full release.

      In terms of specific support for your current cLc use and more detailed information, I would advise contacting Rachel.Whittington@UniServity.Com who has oversight for East Sussex Schools.


  4. Posted by Nidhi on July 22, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I would like to apply for a test pilot too for my place.
    I am in UK, who is the contact there.



  5. Posted by Jo Gierl on September 6, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    How many similarities are there between the current VLE and the new Life version, particularly when it comes to uploading documents and allocating them to specific year groups etc etc. We are a school of 1500 pupils and I’m hesitant about training pupils & staff up on the current system if it’s totally different to the new one due to time restrictions and generally getting staff “on-board” with a VLE in the first place. We have applied to be a test school this September. At present MFL are our pilot group and we’re looking at implementing the core subjects this term- what would you suggest – hang-fire with whole school training and concentrate on smaller groups??? Should we look at them using the BETA version of Life or carry on with current system?? Thanks


    • Hi Jo. A good rule-of-thumb for anything like this is to “Start Small Think Big”. We’re coming up to Warrington to share more about the migration from the current clc learning platform to Life shortly, and how we’re supporting this both Technically and Educationally – I’ll ask Keith to send you the date/venue details. You can then see directly how it will all work, and it would be great to talk more about how you think we can best support you & work together.


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